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If you are a web developer who wants to learn more about developing applications in Flask and scaling them with industry-standard practices, this is the book for you. This book will also act as a handy tool if you are already aware of Flask’s major extensions and want to make the best use of them. It is assumed that you have knowledge of Python and a basic understanding of Flask. Using the query, the code snippet will first perform a similarity search using the information in the vector database. A similarity search uses a query to find matching documents that are numerically similar to the query.

Flask Framework for Python Developers

For this use case, you will use PDF documents but the process can be applied to other documents such as csv and txt files. Lauren Fox is a dynamic writer specializing in technology, business, and current trends. Flask stands out in the crowded landscape of web frameworks due to its unique characteristics that differentiate it from other options available to developers. In this example, we are using the render_template() function to render the home.html template and return the resulting HTML to the client. In this example, we have defined a route called / (the home page) that redirects the user to the /about page. In this example, we have defined a route called /person that returns a dictionary containing a person’s name and age.

Setting up a Simple OCR Server

There are many instances where our scripts will be entangled with external resources. The most common examples are disk files and network connections to external hosts. A common bug is retaining these entanglements forever, tying up these resources uselessly.

  • In a given web application, you may want to be able to express relationships between objects.
  • Best practices, code samples, and inspiration to build communications and digital engagement experiences.
  • Both frameworks are written in Python and adhere to the WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) standard, making them compatible with various web servers and deployment options.
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This allows you to differentiate between a script that is being run directly and a script that is being imported as a module in another script. In this example, different welcome messages are rendered based on the value of the user_role variable. It is designed to keep the core of the application simple and scalable.

return ‘Hi ‘.format(users[user_id])

It’ll act as the central configuration object for the entire application. It’s used to set up pieces of the application required for extended functionality, e.g., a database connection and help with authentication. In this step, you’ll add a few routes to your application to display different pages depending on the requested URL. Templates are HTML files with the capability of rendering dynamic content sent over from your Flask views.

This prevents the global Python installation from being affected by a custom installation, as it creates a separate environment for the application. Virtualenv manages this in separate environments and does not let the incorrect version of any library affect any application. In this recipe, we will learn about how to create and manage these environments. Flask’s flask developer micro framework architecture is a defining feature that sets it apart. Unlike monolithic frameworks, Flask provides the core essentials for web development, allowing developers to add only the components they need. This modular approach promotes flexibility and prevents unnecessary overhead, making it an excellent choice for projects of varying scales.

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Flask is a popular web framework for building web applications in Python. It is designed to be simple, lightweight, and easy to use, with a modular architecture that allows developers to choose the components they need and add or remove functionality as required. When you installed Flask, you also installed https://remotemode.net/ the flask command-line script. Typing flask run will prompt the virtual environment’s Flask package to run an HTTP server using the app object in whatever script the FLASK_APP environment variable points to. The script above also includes an environment variable named DEBUG that will be used a bit later.

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